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The trailer for Tommy Wiseau's The House That Drips Blood On Alex: The Wiseau has become self-aware

After tearing the world apart, Lisa, with his philosophical think-piece about friendship, infidelity, and symbolic games of football, The Room director Tommy Wiseau is set to capitalize on his newfound cult stardom with a new web film debuting this fall. The teaser trailer for Wiseau’s The House That Drips Blood On Alex debuted late last week on Atom Films as a co-production of sketch comedy site Studio8.net, which suggests that Wiseau has fully moved beyond the accidental hilarity of his first film into self-aware parody. Not that there’s much to pass judgment on here: The trailer promises “Tommy Wiseau as you’ve never seen him before”—which is technically true, since we’ve never seen him topless, covered in blood, and screaming like a baby before. Such deliberate campiness aside, if the entire film is Wiseau crying like this as he’s slowly covered in unexplained house-blood—only to have the house tell him near the end, “Oh yeah, I have cancer” and then never speak of it again—we’ll probably be satisfied.


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