Before we can get down to Avengers business, there’s the not-inconsiderable matter of meeting Thor, he of the mythical descent, giant hammer, and even more unwieldy daddy issues. This just-released trailer covers most of these things, introducing Chris Hemsworth’s amber-maned Asgardian as he’s mowing down an elite team of ass-kicking secret operatives to the dismay/grudging respect of a bunch of government guys in suits, most of whom will probably spend the film being generally feckless and occasionally on fire. Then it’s off to the Origin Story galaxy, where we meet the Norse god Odin, a.k.a. Anthony Hopkins still playing his character from The Wolfman (only this time with an eyepatch!) and instilling some de rigueur deep-seated resentment and self-loathing in his son before casting him down to Earth.

Fortunately for Thor, he’s quickly rescued (like so many lost souls before him) by Natalie Portman, who believes he’s just another homeless guy in need of saving—albeit one who’s, like, “really cut,” in the words of her token comic-relief friend—and who proceeds to do so by driving him around the desert and being all like, “Wanna see me tap dance?” Unfortunately, even though this trailer is several minutes long, it’s short on shots of the actual Thor in action, save a few slow-motion swings of that hammer and a whole lot of exploding cars. We’re guessing they’re saving that stuff for next year. In the meantime, check out your first glimpse of Marvel’s next great franchise hope, say “what up?” to Rene Russo, and stick around for the wink-wink Iron Man joke at the end.