Teens on a quest to lose their virginity: Like elite teams of ass-kicking secret operatives and women bonding over shopping, it’s one of filmdom’s most time-honored stories—which also makes it difficult for a new play on the old trope to stand out. Hoping to distinguish itself from the faceless menagerie of straight-to-DVD American Pie and National Lampoon knock-offs, the Adam McKay and Will Ferrell-produced The Virginity Hit opts for a very au courant take on the YouTube generation (or whatever you want to call it), telling the mockumentary-style story of a bunch of friends who rally around the cause of getting their nerdy virgin pal laid by taping the whole thing, then sharing his constant string of humiliations with the Internet, as good friends so often do.

Of course, that’s pretty much where the newness ends: As you can see from this extended red-band trailer (translation: NSFW), The Virginity Hit hits a lot of familiar notes: Said nerdy virgin is egged on by a chubby, foulmouthed friend who hails from the same Boys From Brazil experiment that produced Jonah Hill, and naturally he finds himself suffering from embarrassing setbacks ranging from sudden impotence to letting his buddy shave his pubic hair. The film also carries the tagline “An Epic Fail,” which probably isn’t such a good idea, considering. (Not that using the words "epic fail" is ever a good idea.)