At times like these, when the real world turns unremittingly bleak and scary, it’s natural to want to escape into fantasy—such as a magical place populated entirely by tiny blue creatures, whose existence is so straightforward and simple that every individual is allotted only one personality trait, their entire way of life revolves around collecting berries, and a single word can stand in for almost every conceivable noun or verb. Of course, said fantasy has also been rendered as yet another live-action/CGI abomination in the vein of Alvin And The Chipmunks, Yogi Bear, and other nostalgic animations that have been transformed into loud and self-aware brat-pacifiers, which has its own sort of bleak, apocalyptic vibe. Here, watch Neil Patrick Harris fall down and a bunch of blue computer models use the word “smurf” a lot. Sometimes it means “puke” and “fart.”