Blame it on the rise of privacy-obliterating, always-up-in-your-biz social networks like Facebook or Twitter, but suddenly it seems as though crossing personal boundaries is the fear du jour. Adding a trashier riposte to Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, the new thriller The Roommate seems similarly inspired by Single White Female, casting Minka Kelly as an innocent college girl who’s unfortunately paired with Leighton Meester’s raging psychopath. Obsession brews, ominous warnings about “taking her medication” follow, and before you know it, Meester is ripping out bellybutton rings and setting folks on fire in the name of (platonic) love. We’re guessing that, like SWF, there will also be some sort of mistaken-identity sex scene because, wow, we’ve never noticed how similar Kelly and Meester look, and we’re assuming that’s the point of casting both of them. Good thing they made one of them dye their hair a lighter shade, otherwise this would get confusing fast, and then you'd miss all the cheap thrills!