Here is your first look at Showtime’s 2011 dramatic series The Borgias, starring Jeremy Irons as the decadent, morally corrupt patriarch to a powerful Italian family who allegedly bribed his way into becoming Pope Alexander VI in 1492 and essentially stealing the papacy—in much the same way that Showtime is attempting to steal a page from HBO’s playbook by positioning the show as “The Original Crime Family.” When we first heard of The Borgias, we judged it prematurely as “The Sopranos in cassocks,” and judging by this trailer we’re not far off—although this seems far more campy—and you can also add trace elements of Boardwalk Empire and Showtime’s own The Tudors to the mix: Watching Irons slither his way into power while spending what seems to be most of his off-hours writhing around in a canopy bed with various mistresses definitely recalls both of those shows, while the swordfights in the street and wine-drenched orgies also bring to mind Rome (as does the fact that every Italian you see has a British accent). History certainly was sleazy.