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The trailer for Real Steel: Hugh Jackman is gonna eat robot lightnin', crap robot thunder

Should there be any doubt that we're entering the age of the big-ass battlin’ robots—which will also feature movies about big-ass battlin’ robots—allow the just-released trailer for Shawn Levy’s Real Steel (due out next October) to clunk you over your soft, mushy human skull with a big-ass battlin’ robot fist and robot drive some robot sense into you. Hugh Jackman stars as a former boxer in a future where boxers are all but obsolete, replaced with the cold, immutable steel—the real steel, as it were—of machines, which means only one thing: Jackman gets to play Burgess Meredith to a robot Sylvester Stallone, and begin the arduous search for his own redemption in the ring. Well, not in the ring. Just outside of it, holding a remote control. But redemption nonetheless!

Anyway, this looks supremely silly, but so did Robot Jox, and Robot Jox is actually kind of awesome. In 20 years perhaps Real Steel will also be a perfect hungover-on-a-Sunday-afternoon movie. Transformers: Bark At The Moon and Real Steel down, Robocalypse, How To Survive A Robot Uprising, and Wolfgang Petersen’s Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots to go. [via Vulture]


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