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What were you planning for your Friday night? Perhaps a pre-prandial cocktail, a nice seafood bisque, some paté and caviar, a course of cheese and assorted pickles, fresh bread, roast boar, quail eggs, oysters, Duck A L’Orange, steak tartare, a glass of port or sherry, Baked Alaska, and a tiny dish of raspberry sorbet? Or maybe you’re just looking to try six different flavors of Doritos in one sitting? Whatever Friday night feast you have in mind, it’s likely that the trailer for Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s The Platform will put you right off it.

Gaztelu-Urrutia’s film, which Netflix calls a “social allegory” (yeah, no shit), centers on the inmates of a terrifying vertical prison. They are fed by a platform which slowly descends, covered by the remnants of a feast that could easily be called “indulgent” if you weren’t worried about dramatically understating the amount and type of food we’re talking about. As it descends, the prisoners eat their fill, but the amount of food available dramatically reduces with each stop. You can guess how that affects the prisoners at the lowest levels.


There are also quite a few quick glimpses of violence, so we’re guessing that the sharing process doesn’t go as smoothly as one might hope. We’ll find out more when The Platform arrives on the streaming service on March 20.

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