While 1985’s Michael J. Fox werewolf comedy Teen Wolf was heavy on influential choreography and inventive supporting character names like “Boof,” the film was noticeably lacking in serious explorations of werewolf mythology and melodramatic romance. MTV’s Teen Wolf update hopes to solve all that, drawing out the miniature Twilight clone that was always hiding beneath Teen Wolf’s skin—and judging by this just-released trailer, the change has left the original Teen Wolf as unrecognizable as a teenage boy who suddenly has fangs and long sideburns and doesn’t wear a shirt.

The reinvented Teen Wolf aims for a darker tone, setting up an ill-fated romance between Scott and the daughter of a team of werewolf-hunting mercenaries (or something), while also doing away with the movie’s idea that being a werewolf is something passed down to you by your lovable dad, and replacing it with a mysterious brooding guy who bites you in the woods because it’s a “gift.” (Of said brooding guy, the show’s stars say only, “He’s on the moral fence,” helpfully adding, “He wears a leather jacket.”) Also, instead of basketball, this Teen Wolf plays the far more serious sport of lacrosse, and the likelihood of the Stiles in this video putting together a “Wolfmobile” seems pretty slim. [Dread Central]