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The trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Devil: Five characters in search of a twist

In what probably seemed like a real “get” in 2008, Media Rights Capital partnered with director M. Night Shyamalan to create a production company called Night Chronicles, with Shyamalan agreeing to produce—but not direct—one film per year for three years. Today you can get your first look at the offspring of that industry coupling: Devil, a supernatural thriller based on an original idea “from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan” and co-directed by siblings Drew and John Erick Dowdle.

That idea, by the way, comes down to “random strangers find themselves trapped in an elevator,” only to discover that “one of these five people is not who they appear to be.” That’s because they’re the devil. It’s right there in the title. We’re gonna guess it’s probably not star Geoffrey Arend, a.k.a. the guy who’s married to Christina Hendricks, and that it’s probably the woman who smiles and says stuff like, “Do I look like such a threat?” But oh that Shyamalan, always with the twist!

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