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The trailer for Let Me In: Vampires we're not totally sick of yet

While the nation’s halls of justice continue deliberating over whether vampires or werewolves are less likely to touch you in places you’re not ready for yet, many of us are far more curious about an altogether different vampire film—namely the U.S. remake of Swedish horror hit Let The Right One In. Today Deadline exclusively premièred the trailer for October’s Let Me In, which stars The Road’s Kodi Smit-McPhee as “Owen,” a meek loner whose only friend is the undead “Abby,” played here by Kick-Ass breakout Chloë Moretz. (Sadly, there are only fleeting glimpses of the awesome Richard Jenkins as Abby's older companion.) As you can see from this preview, it’s a fairly faithful transfer of the original film, right down to its early-'80s setting and persistent snowfall. All of which probably raises the question—already put forth by original director Tomas Alfredson—of why they bothered remaking it in the first place. But true to director Matt Reeves’ word, it does seem to have slightly amped up the gore, and hey, this one doesn’t have any bothersome words to read.

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