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The trailer for John Turturro's Big Lebowski sequel would look right at home in a bowling alley

The phrase “Big Lebowski sequel” may conjure memories of Easy Rider: The Ride Back, which was a sequel to an iconic movie born from one rich guy’s love and complete misunderstanding of the original, but the Big Lebowski sequel The Jesus Rolls is… actually a little bit like that. The catch is that this time the rich guy who loves the original is John Turturro, who actually was in the first one probably does understand what the classic Coen brothers movie was about. Turturro wrote and directed The Jesus Rolls, which is about his Lebowski character Jesus Quintana, and this teaser suggests that the movie is really—really—leaning into the whole bowling motif of The Big Lebowski. So much so that the trailer seems like the kind of goofy animation that would play on a screen at an alley when you hit a strike.

If that’s the aesthetic Turturro was going for, he nailed it. Otherwise, well, it’s a weird one. Speaking of this being a weird one: The YouTube description mentions that The Jesus Rolls is about the Jesus having just gotten out of prison and going on a “freewheeling joyride of petty crime and romance.” Say, does anyone remember what the Jesus had been in prison for in The Big Lebowski? It definitely came up…

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