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The trailer for John Carpenter's The Ward: All sexy girls are crazy (or all crazy girls are sexy)

Here’s an early look at The Ward, the first John Carpenter-directed film to hit movie theaters since 2001’s Ghosts Of Mars, and the start of a planned resurgence for the filmmaker that includes upcoming adaptations of Fangland and Darkchylde. Given that The Ward made the festival rounds last year (to mostly gracious-yet-middling reception), you may feel as though you’ve seen it already—especially considering it’s been branded by some critics as undistinguished and derivative. Not to mention it’s about an amnesiac (Amber Heard) sent to a mental institution populated almost exclusively by fellow sexy crazy ladies, which is also the basic premise of Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch—and this one doesn’t have any dragon-versus-blimp battles or whatever. But what it does have is Mad Men’s Jared Harris and lots of screaming and shower scenes—and screaming-in-the-shower scenes. And it’s a new John Carpenter movie, come on. [EW]  

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