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The trailer for Hulu's revenge noir Reprisal is here, and it looks badass

Everyone could use a little more southern gothic femme fatale revenge thriller action in their lives. That’s not opinion, that’s just scientific fact, based upon the rigorous study we just conducted of watching the trailer for Reprisal, Hulu’s new series, and thinking, “Oh, hell yes.” This thing looks disreputable as hell, in all the best ways.


Before even hitting play on it, seeing Abigail Spencer has the starring role was a big part of the appeal. The actor has done stellar work in nearly everything she’s been a part of, from supporting turns on Mad Men and True Detective to starring roles in Timeless and Rectify, the latter still her finest work to date. (She was also really funny on Burning Love, but that’s a little less high-profile.) Reprisal looks to give her one of the meatiest roles to date, as she portrays a woman wronged—but, like, really wronged, in the left-for-dead kind of way—by a gang of scuzzy Southern criminals, who just happen to be led by her brother. After somehow surviving, she turns back up in town, looking for some good old-fashioned revenge against those who hurt her.

Everything appears to be properly and enjoyably heightened, from the outfits to the situations to the way that Spencer purrs, “I’ll be seein’ you soon” at the end. In other words, this is exactly the right kind of trashy. Co-starring Rodrigo Santoro, David Dastmalchian, W. Earl Brown, Shane Callahan, Rory Cochrane, and everybody’s favorite character actor W. Earl Brown, Reprisal drops all of its episodes at once on Hulu, December 6. We’ll be there.

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