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The trailer for Hobo With A Shotgun: Truth in advertising

Judging by this just-released preview for Hobo With A Shotgun, the next blood sugar sex magic film to be spawned from Grindhouse’s mock teasers for would-be exploitation classics (read about its origins here), it’s probably going to be a lot like Machete—i.e. a non-stop assemblage of outlandish violence visited upon cartoonish stock characters with brief pauses for tits, underscored by occasional sermonizing. And while that formula doesn’t always satisfy everyone when stretched to feature length, like Machete, it certainly makes for a kick-ass couple of minutes. Here Rutger Hauer’s vagabond avenger lays out his dystopic worldview for a newborn baby in a grim monologue that’s equal parts Travis Bickle and Roy Batty, interspersed with scenes of prostitutes bathing in fountains of blood and homeless people being set on fire. Then hobo meets shotgun, and the trailer officially goes off the rails in a relentless orgy of exploding heads, shattered appendages, back-alley decapitations, and, yes, lots and lots of shotgun blasts. In other words, it delivers exactly as promised.

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