It’s Zach Galifianakis day—or year, whatever. Hot on the heels of his mostly subdued performance in the trailer for It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, Galifianakis gets back to the stuff what made him recently famous, re-teaming with Hangover director Todd Phillips for a road-trip comedy with Robert Downey Jr. As you can see, it pretty much follows the “things fall apart” axiom set forth by Planes, Trains And Automobiles and Chinua Achebe, saddling Downey Jr.’s expectant father—who’s rushing home to be there for the birth of his kid—with Galifianakis’ aspiring actor and idiot savant, then having everything they touch turn to shit, loudly and repeatedly. Along the way, the mismatched duo has run-ins with waffles, gets a lift from Jamie Foxx, and destroys several cars. Also, Galifianakis trades a baby in a bjorn for a dog wearing a neck cone as his comical accessory of choice. This will make a ton of money. Due Date opens November 5.