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The trailer for Drive Angry: In 3D: Nicolas Cage something something

Here is your first look at Drive Angry: In 3D, the latest movie from the desperately debt-ridden Nicolas Cage, who must have shot this, what, last weekend? Seriously, the guy has to be filming some of these during waking Ambien naps to keep cranking them out like this. Anyway, in this film that is real and not a leftover trailer from Grindhouse, Cage plays a Crow-like figure who drives his kick-ass muscle car out of hell to steal his dead daughter's baby back from a Satanic cult. He’s aided by Amber Heard’s denim shorts, thwarted by a typically creepy William Fichtner as the devil’s minion, and punctuates most of his dialogue with well-timed shotgun blasts. Also, this preview features the introductory line, “He broke out of helllll…,” and within the first 15 seconds, Cage walks away in slow motion from a fireball. Happy Friday.

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