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The trailer for David Spade's new Netflix movie will make you believe it's 2001 again

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Photo: Katrina Marcinowski (Netflix)

Okay, here’s the deal: It’s a cynical rom-com about a middle-aged man of below average-to-average height and appearance, played by David Spade. He goes on a date and meets the woman of his dreams, Missy, played by Molly Sims—who some viewers may be quick to confuse with Rebecca Romijn, which happens a lot—and decides to invite her on a vacation to Hawaii. But he mistakenly texts the invite to another woman he recently met who also happens to be named Missy, played by Lauren Lapkus. Unlike the Hot Missy, this Missy is The Wrong Missy (actual title), and shenanigans ensue. Oh, and Rob Schneider is there, presumably playing a problematic character of some kind.


Now, did we just describe a dream Adam Sandler had one night back in February, or a movie from 2001 that was dumped to Blockbuster and blessedly forgotten? NEITHER. This is, somehow, a new movie. And not only a new movie, but a film that posits a world in which David Spade—of all people—believes he is “too good” for a woman played by Lauren Lapkus. A movie in which we are to believe that Lapkus is a hideous nightmare person compared to the very nice, normal, and handsome DAVID SPADE. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a trailer:

The only thing this trailer is missing is a fat joke and a Kevin James cameo. The reality is that Lauren Lapkus is truly too good for this shit, but go on and get that Netflix cash, girl.

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