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The trailer for Bridesmaids: The big day arrives for the Apatovian woman

After years of taking flack for building his films around boorish, oversexed, socially awkward men, producer Judd Apatow aims for slight course correction with Bridesmaids, which is built around… boorish, oversexed, socially awkward women. Or that’s the gist of this trailer, anyway, which follows the usual movie preview rule of compiling all the cheapest, loudest gags, and painting everything in the broadest of strokes to get your attention. Here a relatively subdued Kristen Wiig becomes the chosen maid of honor to best pal Maya Rudolph, who entrusts Wiig with leading a ragtag team of bridesmaids populated by The Naïve Princess (Ellie Kemper), The Snooty Rich Girl (Rose Byrne), The Horny Housewife (Wendy McLendon-Covey), and The Belching She-Man (Melissa McCarthy)—though despite their differences, something tells us they’ll overcome their comically mismatched personalities and various slapstick setbacks to make it a perfect wedding day for Rudolph.

Something also tells us this will be slightly better than the preview makes it look, given that it’s the first collaboration between director Paul Feig and Apatow since the days of Freaks And Geeks and Undeclared, and the best parts of those shows were the sort of smaller, subtler moments that don’t exactly translate to trailers. And hey, Jon Hamm is in it and shirtless, for those of you who like that sort of thing.


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