Here’s your first unnerving look at Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, the director’s latest psychological thriller set in the world of professional ballet, which has driven many a young woman to gibbering madness. Natalie Portman plays a prim, overly stage-mothered dancer who’s just landed her dream role as the Swan Queen, when all of a sudden the far more “sensual” Mila Kunis shows up to steal both her part and the (possibly unprofessional) attentions of her director, Vincent Cassel.

It’s a bit like Single White Ballerina, mixed with elements of The Red Shoes and All About Eve—and, oh yeah, The Fly, as Portman soon finds herself sprouting unsightly feathers out of her shoulders. Is it all a nightmare? Does the shot of Portman’s mirror image turning on her indicate that Kunis might also be a projection of her deepest fears and frustrated desires, as signified by the smothering attention of her overbearing mother Barbara Hershey (who still clips Portman’s fingernails) and the angry masturbation scene glimpsed at 1:37? Obviously we won’t know until we see it—and most of you probably don’t care because Portman and Kunis go all tutu-to-tutu and totally make out. Sold!