While GLAAD was busying itself fighting fleeting transphobic content on the Jersey Shore, somehow it left a break in its assembled ranks wide enough to drive a whole new Big Momma’s House sequel through. In this vision of things to come, Martin Lawrence once again dons a dress and an inherent-comedy suit to play the rotund Big Momma—but let’s face it, that’s a fairly exhausted premise. What the Big Momma trilogy could really use is an infusion of fresh ideas, such as giving Martin Lawrence a son (played by Tropic Thunder’s Brandon T. Jackson), then having him also put on a dress. This is, quantitatively, double your funny. And as we learned this morning, these days most of the FBI’s fieldwork is being done through undercover agents implanted in college sorority houses, so they did that too. Also, punch to the nuts. Right square in the nuts.

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