Michael Rapaport, longtime character actor and personification of a certain breed of loud, unrepentantly awkward white guy, is also an avowed hip-hop aficionado with a deep love of the genre’s early-‘90s heyday. (He even named his son after a member of De La Soul.) So dedicated is Rapaport that he’s spent the last couple of years filming a documentary on A Tribe Called Quest—Beats Rhymes And Fights, which we’re just now getting a look at. Judging from the trailer (which seems to have some audio syncing issues), much of the film quite rightly hinges on the still-percolating rivalry between Phife Dawg and Q-Tip, a falling out that began with some harsh words on Phife’s Ventilation: Da LP in 2000 and which now also seems to revolve around the stresses of Phife’s ongoing struggle with diabetes.

But in addition to backstage fights and Some Kind Of Monster-like glimpses into the group’s argument-filled inner sanctum, you also get live concert performances featuring special guests like Mos Def, Kanye West, Questlove, and the film’s co-producer Nas, and interviews with contemporaries like Large Professor and Monie Love, who certainly seems to have a lot to say, and it all adds up to a pretty vibrant, candid portrait of a group whose story needed telling. Okay, Michael Rapaport. After some consideration, you can kick it.[via Vulture]