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The trailer for Battle: Los Angeles: The aliens are coming, for serious this time

Among the many, many alien invasion movies headed our way in this, the year of our increasingly apocalyptic paranoia, Battle: Los Angeles is definitely one of them. However, whereas certain other films take on an all-too-familiar “band of multiracial survivors thrown together by circumstance” and add a spooky blue flashlight by way of distinction, Battle sets itself apart by sticking with a single Marine unit and through its appeals to ultra-realism. Judging by this trailer, it has aspirations to be the Black Hawk Down of alien movies, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. Here the glimpses of spaceships and aliens are shaky and fleeting (if the aliens are even in it at all—it's hard to tell), just like the quick flashes of stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez as they strap in and try to keep the gritty streets of L.A. from going under. The complete lack of dialogue (and a foreboding song by Iceland’s Jóhann Jóhannson) also make for an especially chilling combination. This particular alien invasion is for serious, y’all.

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