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The trailer for Atlas Shrugged: Part I: There's no stopping the capitalist choo-choo

Fresh from its debut at the CPAC (this is not a joke), here is the first look at Atlas Shrugged: Part I, in which Ayn Rand’s Objectivist manifesto about the unstoppable force of capitalist free will is symbolically rendered using Unstoppable’s barreling CGI trains, and borrows some “this is an actual movie” legitimacy from the presence of Coen Brothers character actors Jon Polito and Michael Lerner (playing the evil economic czar preaching strict government regulation, and who looks vaguely like Barney Frank—get him!). As reported earlier, Rand’s book will be spread over three separate films, so that by the time Atlas Shrugged 3: Fuck ‘Em All arrives to unfurl its full 70-minute John Galt speech, a nation wearied of the government suggesting poor people should not be left to starve in the streets and then ground up for heating fuel will be most receptive to its Utopian ideals. In the meantime, Part I will debut, appropriately enough, as the tax collectors come calling on April 15, otherwise known as Live For The Sake Of Another Man Day.

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