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The trailer for All Good Things: Another argument against marrying Ryan Gosling

Dearest ladies in the movies: Do not marry Ryan Gosling. Best-case scenario, you’ll find yourself in an increasingly cold relationship epitomized in a night of unfeeling, NC-17 lovemaking. Worst-case scenario, you’ll find yourself mysteriously disappeared, like Kirsten Dunst’s character does in the upcoming All Good Things, in which she plays the wife of Gosling’s real-estate fortune heir who suddenly turns up missing. The film is based on the true story of Robert Durst, who was questioned but never charged in his wife’s vanishing, as well as the execution-style murder of his friend, reporter (and “Jewish Mafia Princess”) Susan Berman, in 2000. Eventually Durst was arrested and charged with the murder of his elderly neighbor in Galveston, Texas; when he skipped bail, a nationwide manhunt ensued, after which Durst was caught, according to news reports, "trying to steal a single Band-Aid and a chicken sandwich" from a supermarket. (And although he admitted to killing his neighbor, then using a knife, two saws, and an axe to dismember his body and dump it in the ocean, he was acquitted of murder, serving only a few years in prison for bond jumping.)

Anyway, you won’t see much of that in this preview, which focuses mostly on the good old, ominous days, before the disappearances and dismemberment, when Gosling’s character is just a regular guy (with a dark secret) intent on marrying a girl of whom his richy-rich father (Frank Langella) does not entirely approve, for undefined, portentous reasons. Also, Kristen Wiig shows up in a dramatic role, the success of which could be just the impetus she needs to finally get the hell away from Saturday Night Live.

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