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The trailer for Adam Sandler's new Netflix special has a dog, guitars, dancing, no actual jokes

It’s been decades since Adam Sandler last did stand-up on a regular basis, preferring to deliver his laughs in a format more conducive to filmed (and paid) family vacations. So when Netflix announced that it was extending its relationship with Sandler into a big-budget comedy special this year, there were questions about how rusty the man who once serenaded the world with “Lunchlady Land” might be.


Well, rest easy, folks: The new trailer for Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh confirms that, despite all of his time away from the stage, Adam Sandler still absolutely owns a dog.

He also dances, laughs nervously, and holds a guitar, all to the apparent delight of various crowds (including one on a subway platform). What he doesn’t do, at any point during the 60-second teaser, is tell any joke longer than a few clearly improvised asides. Now, that doesn’t mean that 100% Fresh—which comes out on October 23—isn’t going to be fun or funny. But it does make it clear what Netflix’s priorities here are: Convincing viewers that they’re in for a fun time with their old pal Adam, regardless of the quality of any written material he might bring to the stage. We’ll know how successful that goal was when next Tuesday rolls around.