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The toy store from Big is closing down


The F.A.O. Schwarz store on Fifth Avenue in New York, best known as the setting of the iconic Chopsticks sequence from the 1988 comedy Big, is closing its doors. The company cited financial concerns for the closing, possibly because it’s really hard to sell those giant floor-set keyboards when some mook with magically enlarged feet keeps dancing all over them. F.A.O. Schwarz is looking to relocate to another, more fiscally manageable location, and also to find a magical fortune-telling machine so that they can wish it was the ’80s again. The store will close on July 15, although the company’s online store is still in operation.

Meanwhile, in other news designed to make your childhood dreams feel ever more distant, The Sandlot has been torn down, the caves from The Goonies have been filled with cement, and all the dog-angels from All Dogs Go To Heaven have been put to sleep by order of God.


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