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Leaving Hollywood EGOs to live, at least for the moment, without their precious, prestige-granting T, the Tony Awards have officially announced that they’re being postponed this year. Per Playbill, the ceremony—originally slated for June 7—has now been bumped back to an as-yet undetermined date, presumably on account of the entire industry they’re designed to celebrate having abruptly shut down.


Among the various industries kicked in their collective junk by the coronavirus quarantines, few were as susceptible as live theater, which literally exists in order to bring a bunch of human beings into tight quarters and then get them to weep all their fluids all over each other. (We’re exaggerating, but still—we know how Act II of Hamilton can get.) Broadway proper shut down earlier this month, and while there are murmurs that theaters might start trying to get up and running again in mid-April, that also seems like a great way to raise the availability of season tickets for whoever survives such a clearly short-sighted decision pretty damn fast.

Anyway: No Tonys this year, at least for a few months. James Corden will just have to find another way to occupy his time, now that this, and his precious carpool, have all been taken from him.

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