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The time has come to watch another Furby be destroyed by a machine

Screenshot: Crushing Furby with Hydraulic Press

Just weeks after flattening the hell out of beloved strongman Stretch Armstrong, the serial crushers at the Hydraulic Press Channel are back to murder more of your childhood on the internet. Having previously crushed golf balls, Rubik’s Cubes, and (in a very meta YouTube moment) a Blendtec Blender, they’re finally bending to the will of their rabid, blood-thirsty audience and killing a Furby, the animatronic ’90s toy that, for some reason, people never get tired of seeing destroyed in any number of horrific ways.

Like all Furbies, this toy’s only real crime was being born creepy and annoying, but these days that’s enough to warrant a death sentence at the hands of some industrial machinery. It seems only fair that society bear witness to the panicked look in its eyes and the frantic twitching of its beak as it’s smushed into oblivion:

And if you’re perhaps a little too old for Furbies to have been part of your childhood, the hydraulic press is here to destroy your Legos as well. The tiny plastic bricks that are the bane of every bare-footed parent crossing the living room don’t stand a chance against the thousands of pounds of pressure being forced down on them. With more videos being produced every week, be sure to keep your eyes glued to the Hydraulic Press Channel for more nostalgic executions.


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