The Wolverine

Fans of Marvel’s most famous Canadian superhero (sorry, Alpha Flight) had their imaginations fueled last year, when we announced that David James Kelly had been hired to write the third (and presumably Hugh Jackman’s final) Wolverine movie. Now we’re all a year older, and Marvel has decided that actually, no, Kelly wasn’t the right man for the job. In what is likely the only time the words “Let’s get the guy who wrote Green Lantern” will ever be uttered, The Wrap reports that Michael Green has been hired to pen the screenplay for the upcoming film about Jackman’s mutant berserker. You can probably look forward to our story a year from now explaining who the new writer on this project is, and why Green left.

Green is currently writing the script, with input from returning director James Mangold, who will hopefully keep Jackman on the same “you-should-look-composed-entirely-of-sinew” diet as last time. In addition to helping shape Green Lantern into something we all wish never happened, Green also co-wrote the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, along with doing a rewrite on Prometheus 2, making him something of a Ridley Scott worrisome-idea all star. There are no plot details as of yet, but given that the movie is still scheduled to hit theaters in March 2107, Green probably won’t waste any time churning out a script. “What if Wolverine kills a bunch of guys with his claws?,” Green is saying to himself right now, staring at a whiteboard divvied up into columns titled Wolverine Gets Shirtless For Some Reason, Scenes 1-14.