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The third season of Kroll Show will be its last

The upcoming third season of Kroll Show will be its last. That news comes straight from Nick Kroll via an interview he did with Vulture, where he said that, while both he and Comedy Central hadn’t planned to end the show so soon, “it just became clear that we wrapped up a lot of the stories and characters that we had created, and felt like we had brought a number of them to their natural conclusions.” Rather than rebooting the show for a fourth season full of new nieces named Denise and slightly less tuna, Kroll says he’s happy “going out with the best work that we’ve done.”

Kroll also told Vulture that he hopes, years from now, that “people will look back at the show and see what an incredible cast and what a group of writers we had over the three seasons.” He says he hopes Kroll Show ultimately becomes “like The Ben Stiller Show or Mr. Show, where people go on to become the most recognizable people in comedy.”


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