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Illustration for article titled The third emBefore Sunrise/em movie is already done filming

Although Ethan Hawke recently denied reports that the long-rumored third Before Sunrise movie was already filming, saying that his recent meeting with director Richard Linklater in Greece was just about "developing ideas" and "not really worth talking about," it turns out that this was just a lot of words—beautiful words that can make for engrossing all-night conversation, but words that so often just get in the way of people saying what they really mean, you know? So now, in the light of day, we awake ready to confront the truth: Linklater, Hawke, and Julie Delpy have actually already shot the film, wrapping "late last night" in a whirlwind of heady conversation and pointing cameras at that heady conversation. As hinted, Delpy and Hawke's perfectly complementary yet maddeningly hesitant lovers Celine and Jesse will find themselves wandering through Greece this time, once again discussing where their lives have led them in the last nine years since they saw each other. Fittingly, the film will be titled Before Midnight, as neither Celine nor Jesse can stay up all that late anymore.


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