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The teens are using to TikTok to own themselves with glorious sports fails

Screenshot: YouTube

So much of the conversation around social media swirls around our efforts to present a public face that’s as #blessed as can be; every post, pic, or video is a portal into a life of love, light, and impeccably plated meals. That’s not true, of course—we’re all anxious wrecks licking the wounds of our everyday hells—and let us now thank the teens for cutting the bullshit.

Of the many memes circulating throughout the TikTok app, one of the best is tucked beneath the #highlightreel hashtag. There, the kids each offer up the same intro before setting their own personal sports fails—splaying across a gymnastics bar (seen above), gloriously biffing a dive, dropping their dang racket in the middle of a tennis match—against a dopey musical cue.


One note: No, the app is not broken. Yes, the teens are all mouthing along with that cocky, hair-flipping prologue: “So I play soccer and if you’re wondering if I’m, like, good or not, here’s one of my highlights.” Honestly, watching them try to sync with it is one of the best parts.

See some examples below.



Let us remember: The kids see through our feigned happiness. Hell, we see through our feigned happiness. Social media is best served as a means of relentlessly dunking on ourselves to the amusement of others. Well, that and forcing Jeffrey Epstein’s name to stay in the news.

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