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The Teen Titans try to out-Deadpool Deadpool in today's trailer happy hour

Photo: Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (Warner Bros.)

Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, the audio-visual Valhalla where all good movie promos go to battle it out eternally for your love, attention, and clicks. Today we’ve got wild parties, police-involved shootings, and an irate Will Arnett busting out ’80s comic trivia, so let’s leap right in.


First up: The first full trailer for Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, which might be the first DC Comics-based film property we’ve been well and truly excited for in years. Featuring a whole lot of top-notch voice talent—including Nic Cage finally getting to be Superman—it’s a delightfully meta-premise: Robin and the rest of the Titans (the versions from the Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network series, that is) want to be seen as real heroes, so they set out to get their own superhero movie, complete with a nasty nemesis. The best bit comes when they take on an exasperated Will Arnett as Slade/Deathstroke, who, quite rightly, points out that the similarly masked-and-meta Deadpool is a rip-off of him, and not the other way around. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies hits theaters on July 27.

On an altogether more somber note, we’ve got a trailer for Reinaldo Marcus Green’s new film Monsters And Men, which explores the knock-on effects of a moment of shocking-but-not-surprising police brutality in modern America. Starring John David Washington and Anthony Ramos, the film arrives in theaters this fall.

Finally: Netflix’s new film Ibiza, which sees Love star Gillian Jacobs doing a sort of Hangover-lite thing by blowing off a work trip to party with Vanessa Bayer and Phoebe Robinson in Europe. (We can dig it.) Can Gilly find love with a handsome, successful DJ? Netflix will hopefully let us know on May 25.


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