“Our generation’s greatest achievement… our nation’s proudest moment,” begins this teaser trailer for Michael Bay’s next Transformers film, and also, there was that time astronauts landed on the moon. As any devoted conspiracy theorist will tell you, even the Apollo 11 astronauts themselves have openly admitted feeling as though they were not alone, with Neil Armstrong once supposedly telling a NASA symposium that they were, in fact, “warned off” after discovering a “moon city” on the dark side of the lunar surface. Finally, that truth will be revealed: Said “moon city” was populated by giant robots who have the ability to change themselves into cars, and NASA has been covering it up ever since for fear of putting American lives at risk in an interplanetary war. We can’t wait until someone finally confronts Buzz Aldrin and asks him why he continues lying about the Autobots, and then he punches them in the face.