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The team behind Scorpion is making a “modern-day Robin Hood” show for CBS


Thanks to a certain supposedly wealthy businessman’s recent ubiquity, the idea of some roguish hero stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is probably more tantalizing than it’s been in decades. According to Variety, CBS is going to tap into this desire to see rich assholes suffer with A Burglar’s Guide To The City, a TV adaptation of Geoff Manaugh’s non-fiction book of the same name. The project comes from Scorpion’s Paul Grellong, and its executive producers include Star Trek Beyond’s Alex Kurtzman and Justin Lin, both of whom also worked on Scorpion.

A Burglar’s Guide To The City is about “a team of modern-day Robin Hoods,” with their leader being “a brilliant architect with a troubled past.” That sounds a little Mr. Robot-y, but this doesn’t seem like it will be focusing on season-long storylines like that show. The Variety report says the team uses their special skills to “gain access to any stronghold” and steals from rich criminals so they can help “those that have been wronged by a corrupt system”—which is a setup that should easily lend itself to a CBS-friendly case-of-the-week format.


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