Unlike most creative teams behind canceled TV shows, the people who made ABC’s Happy Endings were not dumped into the ceremonial Pit Of Cancellation to appease the vengeful God Of Television. While this may have put us all at risk of a Television Apocalypse, it does mean that Happy Endings creator David Caspe, writer Gil Ozeri, and producer Jamie Tarses are still alive and able to develop a new show together for Fox. It’s fitting, then, that The Hollywood Reporter says they’re doing that exact thing.

The series will be titled Frauds, and it will be a single-camera comedy about a family of criminals that “decide to pull off an elaborate Ponzi scheme.” Hopefully, this Ponzi scheme will end in more laughs than they usually do. We also hope the criminal family goes beyond a single Ponzi scheme, because taking money from people and then lying about where it goes can only carry so many episodes. Either way, Frauds has to be off to a good start with this many Happy Endings veterans on board. Speaking of, Adam Pally’s schedule recently opened up. We’re not making any specific predictions, but we totally called it if he joins this show.