Escape From Tomorrow—a low-budget, surrealist thriller surreptitiously shot inside Disney theme parks in Orlando and Anaheim—is actually getting a theatrical release, albeit a limited one. Though conventional wisdom after its Sundance premiere said Disney's legal team would probably sue its producers into a fine atomic dust before their movie ever saw the light of day, it's now looking as though Randy Moore’s completely unauthorized guerrilla indie will be distributed by PDA, who previously put out Banksy's similarly subversive sort-of-documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop.

According to legal experts, the film—a dark portrait of a father descending into madness inside the Happiest Place on Earth—should be protected under the fair use doctrine as a work of satire. Of course, that doesn't mean Disney's battalion of lawyers couldn't use legal warfare to delay it interminably. But assuming that doesn't happen, the film should get a limited theatrical and VOD release on October 11.