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The Super Bowl gets shushed in this teaser for Quiet Place 2

We first got a glimpse of the return of A Quiet Place’s Abbott family back in December, with a short teaser that just featured the first movie’s survivors—Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe—venturing off of the carefully laid path that John Krasinski’s character had kept everyone on in the last movie. The visual metaphor was clear: This time, they’re goin’ places! Now, the family is back to offer a brief respite from the flash and pizazz of Sunday’s Big Football Game with a new trailer for A Quiet Place: Part II.


In this new look, we’re brought back to the beginning of the alien invasion. In a surprise cameo that feels like an unrelenting gut punch, Krasinski is back as the family’s protective patriarch. You only have a few seconds to mourn his demise all over again before a creature slams into the frame and rightful, noisy chaos ensues. Paramount Pictures also released a featurette titled “Questions Answered,” which confirms much of what we already know: that the sequel takes place right where we left off, and that we’ll get to see just how this wild mess started in the first place.

Krasinski’s A Quiet Place: Part II will be in theaters on March 20.