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The Succession theme song recreated in Mario Paint is the latest in a series of excellent mash-ups

Screenshot: Nintendo (YouTube)

On the surface, there are no real similarities between Super Mario Bros. and the world of Succession. Despite both taking place in New York City—at least if you (wisely) accept the 1993 Mario movie as canon—Succession is the story of an extremely wealthy family’s power struggles and the Mario games follow the life and times of a blue collar worker gifted with the ability to jump really well.

And yet, in the latest version of a welcome trend that sees Succession’s earworm theme song mashed up with other bits of pop culture, Adam Cantino has recreated the track in a hacked version of the Super Nintendo Mario Paint’s music sequencer.


The familiar melody is faithfully recreated here, the piano replaced with little blips and bloops and the strings filled in, as is appropriate, with digital cat meows and MIDI horns. Viewers wishing to dissect the intricacies of Cantino’s sonic landscape can watch Mario jump along the top of the sequencer screen in the video, marking spots where, say, a Yoshi noise is used to fill out the song.

Aside from Catino’s Mario Paint rendition, which is notable enough on its own, the Succession theme has also been gaining traction as the starting point for a wave of other mash-ups and remixes. There are relatively straightforward edits that extend the song and add flourishes like a drum machine backing track...

...or more elaborate ones that put the tune over other movies, from Godzilla to Billy Madison.


For those who want to keep their Succession mash-ups strictly within the realm of television, there’s even a series by Andy Beckerman that combines the theme with the opening credits of everything from Cheers and Friends to Family Matters and The Office.


Most important of all, though, is the clip we’ll leave you with: Kermit The Frog absolutely feeling himself as his digital frog body dances to the Succession track with languid joy.


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