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The subjects of the Tickled documentary confronted the filmmakers at the premiere


David Farrier and Dylan Reeve’s recent documentary Tickled is far from the playful celebration of laughter that its title might imply, as its actually an exposé of the dark world of “competitive endurance tickling”—which also turns out to be a front for a fetish porn ring built on blackmail and lawsuits. Now, unsurprisingly, a pair of the film’s subjects aren’t very happy about suddenly being connected to a fetish porn ring built on blackmail and lawsuits. As reported by Variety, two men named David D’Amato and Kevin Clarke showed up at Tickled’s premiere in Los Angeles and confronted Reeve about how they’re presented in the documentary.

Apparently, D’Amato and Clarke have accused the filmmakers of using footage that they did not agree to release, explaining that certain interviews were supposed to be kept “off the record.” Clarke brought up this point during a Q&A segment with Reeve, and Farrier transcribed his words in a Facebook post:


This extra publicity clearly isn’t hurting Tickled, though, because the movie studio—Magnolia Pictures—has released footage of a heated exchange between Clarke and Reeve:

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