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The study group sort-of deals with sort-of tragedy in this clip from tonight's Community

For those wondering whether Community would dispense with [SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO ARE WATCHING PREVIEWS OF NEW EPISODES WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT UP YET BECAUSE THEY ARE ACTIVELY SEEKING REASONS TO COMPLAIN, APPARENTLY] the death of not-quite-beloved character Starburns with a complete lack of sentiment, the answer is: only sort of. Tonight's morosely titled episode "Course Listing Unavailable" finds the Greendale gang coming not to praise Starburns but to bury him, with Britta once again using her Psychology 101 training, this time to act as grief counselor, Jeff reacting with typical indifference, and a school-wide memorial service devolving (in Community fashion) into an all-out riot that leads to Chang demanding more power. Here's the quiet before that storm, with Annie entreating the others to share their feelings for a guy no one really liked, which goes about as well as you'd expect. Starburns, we hardly knew ye, and what we did know about ye was off-putting.


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