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The Strokes announce new EP, release 2 new songs

(Image: The Strokes, Cult Records)

Julian Casablancas recently launched a new radio show on SiriusXM called Culture Void, and according to Pitchfork, he decided to mark the occasion by releasing a new Strokes song called “OBLIVIUS.” A few minutes after that, he officially announced that the song would appear on a new Strokes EP called Future Present Past, the name of which had apparently been teased recently on billboards in London and New York. The EP is set to be released on June 3 to coincide with the band’s headlining set at New York’s Governors Ball festival, and it will feature two songs in addition to “OBLIVIUS.”

It’s been about three years since The Strokes released new music, though, and the band seems to be pretty eager to get these songs to fans. So, after debuting a second song (“Drag Queen”) on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show, the group apparently decided to just dump the whole thing on Spotify. If you prefer to buy things instead of just streaming them, you can pre-order Future Present Past at the Cult Records website.


The Strokes also released a nine-minute video clip featuring what a press release says is their first on-camera interview in 10 years.

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