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The Stranger Things kids have found their true enemy, and it's Frank Reynolds

Screenshot: Funny Or Die (YouTube)

The third season of Stranger Things has a whole lot of goopy monsters and some light body horror sprinkled into its nostalgia-ridden story of adventurous teens solving supernatural mysteries. None of the creatures they go up against—even that Resident Evil-looking freak from the hospital—compares to the most terrifying TV ghoul of all time, though: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Frank Reynolds.

Enter a Stranger Things/It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia mash-up by Funny Or Die that, at long last, reveals that Danny DeVito’s grotesque Philadelphia character is the true mastermind behind the paranormal threats plaguing Hawkins, Indiana.

The handful of edits here draw effectively from a knowledge of the awful shit The Gang’s been involved with over more than a decade of episodes. There’s DeVito’s Frank shaved clean and wriggling along the floor in his underwear, covered in hand sanitizer in an effort not to catch the flu—an image that shocks Eleven out of her blindfolded psychic voyage. There’s another journey through the mind where she finds herself on a beach, stunned as Frank smacks feral dogs from his rum-soaked ham.


It all ends with the Stranger Things kids watching the local pool as Frank and Charlie enjoy a water slide before getting tricked into a boiling sauna where they’re locked in to roast “like a pig.” Though it’s a good start, the clip shows just how much ground there is left to cover. Any horror movie spliced with Frank’s Christmas party couch exit, for example, or, say, every single Mindhunter interview scene mixed up with Dennis saying just about anything at all.

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