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The Stranger Things kids get threatened by the world’s shittiest Santa

"If Santa Was A Jerk"

Pop culture isn’t lacking for bad Santa Clauses. (Santa Clausi? Santases?) You’ve got deadbeat dad Tim Allen, that terrifying jerk from A Christmas Story, and, of course, the trademarked efforts of Mr. Billy Bob Thornton. Still, YouTube star Lilly “Superwoman” Singh’s recent take on a crappy Kris Kringle has two things none of those other guys have going for it: Will and Lucas from Stranger Things.

Netflix stars Noah Schnapp and Caleb McLaughlin both lent their talents to Singh’s latest video, “If Santa Was A Jerk,” featuring the YouTuber as a drunken, cookie-stealing, NSFW Saint Nick. The sequence—with Schnapp as a kid getting terrible advice about hits parents’ divorce, and McLaughlin as a North Pole auditor—goes surprisingly light on the expected Strangers Things jokes. Singh does get in one especially good Hawkins-based threat, but it’s mostly about making the most racy “ho ho ho” puns possible, and trading banter with Santa’s disgruntled, over-worked elves (and seeing these kids blow off some steam in an environment that’s marginally less full of monsters than what they’re probably used to by now).

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