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The strange poetry of @horse_ebooks, illustrated

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If you’re on Twitter you’ve probably read a tweet from @Horse_ebooks and been amused, enchanted, confused, or some combination of the three emotions by what you read. To appreciate @horse_ebooks, it helps to understand its ostensible mission—to sell ebooks about horses—its apparent actual mission—to promote links to spammy sites promoting weight-loss plans and the usual Internet commercial flotsam—and the degree to which it falls short of both by tweeting accidentally poetic literary snippets along the lines of “(Do) you remember me? (Do) you think of him (any)? He-brought them with-him. We-remember them too. We-used-to-think of them. Did- you —bring” and “Read the results, not the infinite.” Back in January, Splitsider did an in-depth analysis of the feed that mentioned a few @horse_ebooks-inspired spinoffs like a fan fiction site and Horse_ecomics. The piece provided almost too much to check out, but a recent spotlight on Horse_ecomics on Comics Alliance served as a reminder that the project, by graphic designer Burton Durand deserves closer attention, spinning cryptic phrases like “Check out some of these moves” and “HOLY COW!!… DOG TOYS ARE GETTING EXPENSIVE” into inspired flights of fancy, and proof that even the refuse of the Internet can inspire some creative recycling.


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