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The strange case of Die Hard 24/7, the Die Hard/24 crossover that never was but still sort of is

Late last night, Ain’t It Cool broke the news that the next installment in the Die Hard series is rumored to have the rather ridiculous title Die Hard 24/7, which may as well be subtitled You Know It, Brah!. Now the site is claiming to have heard from an inside source (“an established creative talent within the entertainment industry”) where it came from: Supposedly it’s the last vestige of what was intended to be a Die Hard crossover with 24, with Fox working some synergistic magic on its film and TV properties and bringing 24’s Jack Bauer in for an adventure with Die Hard’s John McClane. Unfortunately (?), the idea was scrapped when 24 star Kiefer Sutherland said he was more interested in developing his own 24 film franchise, but by then the title had apparently stuck.

As the site’s regular contributor Merrick asks, “Are we just now getting wind of an older title that has since been abandoned? Did they keep the title because they thought it was good, but are using it for some entirely different DH sequel conceit? Or, if Die Hard 24/7 is actually still in play as a title, is there still a specific reason for using it?” While these are all valid, if still unanswered questions, something tells us even if the title really is still in play, the reaction over at AICN—which could be characterized as “Fucking pathetic and stupid, they should just call it Die Hard: My Boner and make it about Viagra LOL!!!@!”—probably reflects that of much of its intended audience, so here’s betting Fox reconsiders.


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