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Illustration for article titled The State is getting back together for a big Zoom reunion
Screenshot: David Wain (Instagram)

Back in April, the team from MTV’s The State reunited to perform “Porcupine Racetrack”—one of their show’s most ridiculous and most fondly remembered sketches. It was a lot of fun, as most things are when The State gets togethe, but apparently it was just a teaser for what sounds like a bigger and better video call with The State. This weekend, on his Instagram page, David Wain shared a poster for an event called “Zoom With The State,” promising a reading of favorite sketches, “never-seen material,” an auction of memorabilia, a Q&A, and “more.”


The image says there will be more info (including how to get tickets) available on the State website “soon,” but there’s still nothing as of right now. Either way, the event will be held this Wednesday, June 10, with proceeds going to the NAACP and Undocufund-SF. Also, we’re already planning to put some money up if Ken Marino auctions off Louie’s balls. We want to dip them in stuff. (Hopefully anyone who has gotten this far is familiar with The State, because if not… those are some weird things to say without context.)

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