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No, bats don’t fly into peoples’ hair, and no, they don’t drink blood (at least not any of the bats that live in North America). Quit being a baby. Without bats, you wouldn’t have your precious Batman, and then where would your lengthy diatribes about superhero movies as serious Oscar-worthy fare be? Nowhere, that’s where.

The cast and crew of Batman Vs. Superman understand the value of bats. They’ve even released a PSA debunking some of the myths about bats and encouraging Bat-fans to help save their flying mammalian friends by donating to the Organization for Bat Conservation and building bat houses like the ones made by the Superman Vs. Batman crew in the video. Donations will be used to help combat white-nose syndrome, a fungus imported from Europe that is currently killing off large numbers of bats, pushing several species to the verge of extinction. The PSA to save Krypton from its unstable radioactive core is presumably still forthcoming.

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