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Illustration for article titled The iStar Wars/i teaser is on pace to become “the most viewed trailer of all time”

By now, everybody has seen the teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Everybody has also seen the Lego version of the teaser, the “George Lucas” version, the Spaceballs version, and, of course, the Lego Spaceballs version that was directed by George Lucas. Yes, everybody has seen those, and that’s the point. Literally everybody has seen them. OK, not literally, but according to Zefr—a technology firm that tracks how many people watch movie trailers—the teaser for The Force Awakens has had the biggest first week of any trailer posted on YouTube in all of 2014. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says the short clip of soccer ball robots and awesome/silly lightsabers has managed to pull in 58.2 million views on YouTube since Friday. That puts it ahead of the first weeks for both the Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Jurassic World trailers. If we understand Hollywood correctly, and we do, that officially makes it the best trailer of all time.


Zefr also says that that the Star Wars trailer is “on track to become the most viewed trailer of all time,” but we’re not sure how accurate that claim is. After all, it was probably a lot harder to measure views before the Internet came along, so we have no idea, for example, how many people obsessively watched the trailer for The Great Train Robbery over and over again. It probably got some pretty funny comments on the old message boards in 1903, though.

Anyway, this seems like a fine excuse to watch the trailer a few more times, so here it is:

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